Junior/Leaving Cert Tuition

The Junior/Leaving Cert music syllabus is a wonderful place for students to begin or build upon their musical knowledge. Our teachers offer a course that guides you through all aspects, ensuring you gain the well-rounded and informed education required to be successful in this subject.

Junior Cert: Our teachers will tutor you in music theory, including basic composition skills (melody writing), while guiding you through the set of chosen songs and works in the Junior Cert syllabus. We’ll also cover aural training with Irish Traditional Music and general study. All group Junior Cert lessons are 60 minutes long.

Leaving Cert: This course covers all elements of the written paper including set works, Irish music, melody writing, harmony and the various theories and listening requirements. You will cover practical element of the course with your instrumental/vocal teacher. All of our group Leaving Cert lessons are 90 minutes long.

Our Junior & Leaving Cert courses are available as:

  • Grinds – Private (one-to-one) or Group.
  • An Easter Revision Course, which also covers the all aspects of Set Works, Listening and Composing Activities and provides extra preparation to students studying for the exam.
  • A Pre-Exam Revision Workshop in June, offering an intensive final preparation to students studying for this year’s Leaving Cert. Music exam, either at school or on their own.
  • A Two-Year Course, designed to prepare students for all aspects of the Set Works, Essential Listening and Composing Activities at Higher level

A comprehensive book of notes is given to all students

Leaving Cert Grinds

These grinds cover all aspects of the composition and listening papers:

  • 4 prescribed works
  • Aural Skills question
  • Melody writing
  • Harmony

A comprehensive set of notes will be given

Buddy Up Lessons

These are a fun, affordable alternative to one-to-one lessons. Lessons are in groups of two, which could include friends, siblings, partners, parent/child – or we can find a suitable partner for you! Buddy Up lessons provide the best of both worlds providing you with the focus and almost undivided attention of a one-to-one class along with the perfect practising partner outside class times with your Buddy.