What are Group Classes?

Let’s Make Music offer five exciting ways to introduce the beginner to music

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, African Drumming and LMM Kids

Our group courses are designed to welcome students of all ages and are a great way for anyone to start learning an instrument. Our introductory courses will guide you through the basics in a structured, supportive and socially enjoyable environment

Piano – Guitar – Ukulele

You’ll learn to play fun, basic tunes to begin with, and go on to perform pieces in a group setting. In just a few weeks you’ll learn everything from chord playing, melody parts and rhythmic patterns to correct posture and technique. We’ll build on the basic techniques and look to the future where you may begin working from learning the basic chords and harmonies, work from lead sheets and progress to learning extended / added chords, inversions and some improvisation.

African Drumming

Rhythm is one of the main ingredients used to make music. African music has embraced this throughout history by intertwining music and everyday life. The sounds of African Drumming have always been a fun and inspiring source of music and our classes are dedicated to showing this. Students will learn about percussion, rhythm and the use of different sounds to create some of the earliest music known to us. Using Djembe drums, natural agogo, caxixi and beaded shakers, we’ll begin with simple warm-up drumming exercises to teach basic African Drumming techniques along with Call & Response patterns to develop aural skills. Students will then learn how to play their first African style rhythms which will grow into a performance piece.

Let’s Make Music Kids (LMM Kids)

Our course for younger musicians allows for a class that encourages participation and inclusion in music learning. Students learn to use and develop their singing voices, use body percussion and express themselves through body movements inspired by classroom music. They’ll learn how to handle and play unpitched percussion within a group setting while also exploring sounds, active listening and composition. Each class focuses on one basic element of music from pitch recognition and rhythm to the concept of musical notation. This ensures that if students wish to progress to an instrument, they have established many of the musical building blocks required for instrumental development.

Our introduction courses provide you with a great opportunity to learn the skills needed to begin playing. As soon as you sit our teachers ensure that you start off on the right note!

The Benefits of Group Learning in Music Classes

  • Social development: working within a group builds confidence and friendships that create a fun supportive learning environment
  • Ensemble playing: playing in a group teaches students how to contribute to a group – when to lead and when to support others in the group class
  • Motivation: students are inspired when learning with a group of peers and it creates a desire to practice harder to keep up
  • Confidence: playing in a group structure regularly will increase confidence in music class performance while also permeating into life outside of music
  • Longer lesson times: our 45 minute music classes are economical and allow the teacher to communicate more within the time of each class
  • Heightened interest: students tend to have a higher level of interest and attention when learning together
  • Peer learning: Music group classes are a great environment to pick up tips and tricks from other members of the group. Active participation and listening allow each student to discuss what works for them and how it may help others
  • Competitive approach: while they may not notice it, groups tend to push each other forward to improve their own standards. This is highly beneficial when there is a positive and supportive environment within the music class