What is Classical?

Let’s Make Music has over 20 years of experience guiding students through classical music studies. Our classical training delivers consistency in practise and performance.

Studies have shown amazing benefits to studying this genre: Increased memory capacity, co-ordination, increased maths ability, reading & comprehension skills and much more.

Classical training offers knowledge and reasoning to your musical choices. It encourages self-expression along with teaching responsibility while immersing students in culturally & historically rich pieces of music.

Classical players begin by learning the basics of music theory. This allows them to fully understand each piece of music they learn to play allowing them to add their own musicality to every performance. Rhythmic techniques are also a rewarding and progressive area of development whilst studying. Each student learns to recognise and adapt to tempo changes and new time signatures and integrate them with dynamics, harmony, chordal work and key signatures. Our teachers also ensure good posture is followed throughout studies as this allows for the correct manipulation of body and instrument to create sounds and tone.

Our teachers will progress students in two main categories: Technical exercises and performance pieces.

Playing technique may be rapidly improved through the practise of musical patterns which take the form of scales, arpeggios, rhythms, etc. These patterns will generally form the musical foundations of melody in most Western music allowing the student to discover and immerse themselves in each piece they play. These sets of exercises also allow for physical development with regards to their particular instrument. For example, piano players will stretch fingers while improving their independence, woodwind players will study tonguing techniques, development of tone and improve finger dexterity.

Performance pieces have many beneficial factors to improve a student’s abilities across a wide range of areas. Our teachers will present students with pieces that present levels of increasing difficulty. Each piece will teach several musical aspects such as harmony, rhythm, pitch, etc. and also allow for the development of playing technique as pieces differ in style and time in history. The students will then learn to bring other qualities such as expression to their playing.

  • Learning curve is gradual, challenging & rewarding – Beginner to professional
  • Performance based, progressive lessons and amazing results
  • Choose to study Grades (1-8)
  • Choose to sit exams or learn & play for fun
  • Become a well-rounded and more accomplished musician

Highly experienced guidance for RIAM & ABRSM syllabi

Earn internationally recognized qualifications from Grade 1 to Diploma

Broaden your skills with analysis of jazz and popular genres

Study technique, musicality, sight-reading, aural training and more…

Classical Courses Offered