What is Rock School?

Choose Your Weapon

Let’s Make Music love to rock in our music lessons. If you’re an indie guitarist or pop pianist, our music school has a graded music service that will guide you become an accomplished and well-rounded musician.

Rock School offers the world’s original and best rock and pop grades.

“Rock School released its first guitar, bass and drums Grade Exams in 1991, to offer rock and pop musicians the same access and support to qualifications and training as traditional musicians.”

Rock and Pop Grades for all levels and abilities

Let’s Make Music’s instruction will guide you from complete beginner to professional standard (Grade 8) at a pace that suits you. Rock School’s music lessons and specific syllabi make sure the learning curve is challenging, gradual and rewarding – Our music school will help you accomplish your goals, whatever your ability level or musical background.

A true measure of your musical ability

Let’s Make Music incorporates rockschool grades into our music education so that you can measure your progress every step of the way. Every grade progressively improves your technique and performance skills so that you may use them in real world playing situations. Every grade earned proves your growth as a musician.

Specialist styles to suit your musical tastes

Let’s Make Music loves the diverse performances pieces presented by rockschool. The most popular contemporary genres are incorporated into these grades to ensure you can play a wide range of musical styles and adapt with many situations in the rehearsal room.

Play your favourite song in your exam (Free Choice Pieces)

Each grade allows you to perform your favourite songs along with Rock School’s own compositions. They call these Free Choice Pieces – they can be any you like – just bring the sheet music and audio to the exam with you.

Rock School Courses offered