Aaron graduated from WIT in 2014 with a BA Honours Degree in music. His studies in college provided him with many experiences from playing within large guitar ensembles playing contemporary pieces by composers such as Philip Glass to playing differing styles of jazz within smaller groups. Aaron’s final year consisted of composition and dissertation to provide him with a wider knowledge of musical analysis. During college, Aaron and Claire conceived of Let’s Make Music and are currently enjoying the challenges of growing their school, meeting and teaching new students along the way.

Before enrolling in WIT, Aaron began to teach himself guitar at the age of 20. Following this, he quickly joined a local band which built a reputation based on quality, professionalism and great music over the course of 11 years. They played regularly most weekends building a large fan-base. Within the band Aaron played both bass and later lead guitar throughout their lengthy career which saw them play throughout several counties as a covers band that played pub sets, weddings, parties and so on. Currently forming a new band, Aaron plans to further his education along with teaching and gigging.