LMM Kids Club (4-6yrs) – 17 weeks – (45 min per wk)

>>LMM Kids Club (4-6yrs) – 17 weeks – (45 min per wk)

LMM Kids Club (4-6yrs) – 17 weeks – (45 min per wk)


LMM Kids Club (4-6 yrs)


LMM Kids Club – the perfect way for undecided minds to begin their musical journey. Let us introduce your little musicians to their first instruments.  By enrolling in Let’s Make Music Kids 4-6yr., our players will discover rhythm, melody, chord playing and singing over a 17-week course.

Each musical discovery will use a different instrument while building their understanding and creativity, culminating in a group performance of a chosen song.

Our introduction courses provide you with a great opportunity to learn the skills needed to begin playing. As soon as you sit our teachers ensure that you start off on the right note!